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  • Product Name : T-ZONE
    • Overview : Dougler’s T-Zone Technology is a solid tension technology to maintain the position lest the mask slide down or be taken off when doing a strenuous sports activity. Also, it is one of the core technologies of Dougler which enable activated air to be circulated during physical activities. The 2-Layer mixed structure of T-Zone is a technology protected by the patent law and produced by the fastidious self-production management system. All products of Douger are produced through manual operation by only skilled engineers. Dougler’s T-Zone Technology is its own new independent technology.
    • Overview : When you do the sports activity, the body consumes a lot of oxygen. The smooth air circulation is an essential element of that. Lack of fresh air in the body causes a lot of physical exhaustion phenomena (e.g. reduced stamina, etc.). Especially, if the brain is starved for oxygen, human does not make the right decision and have the good judgment. This can cause a dangerous situation. ACS, one of the core technologies of Dougler, is an air circulation technique which adopted as a basic principle the atmospheric difference of the nature. It supplies fresh air to the body by circulating it through two internal air circulation structures. Dougler’s ACS Technology maintains the best condition by circulating the clear, fresh air.
  • Product Name : 3D-ULTIMATE FIT
    • Overview : Ultimate Fit Design is applied to Dougler’s Face Mask. Through long time study and trial and error, completed was Ultimate Fit Design which provides an ideal wearable sensation and convenience. Dougler’s Ultimate Fit Design, completed through the sensation of technicians who polished up their skill for 30 years or more although it is based on 3D computer design which makes possible a scientific numerical computation. So, it has the best convenience and functionality. Experience Dougler’s Amazing Ultimate Fit Design!
  • Product Name : HEAT STORAGE SYSTEM
    • Overview : Dougler Face Mask for winter is designed to keep the body temperature in it. Body temperature maintenance is essential to keeping the body temperature from falling in winter when a metabolism is 10% and above faster compared with summer Particularly, the neckline has little fat; so, it is quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations and the passage through which the heat escapes from the body. Dougler Face Mask is designed ergonomically to store the heat of the upper body in the mask. The Thermocell technology raises wind chill factor to 5 degrees or more by forming a film storing the body heat in collarbone, throat, face, and head. Dougler’s body heat storage system raises wind chill factor to 5 degrees or more.
  • Product Name : HYPER DRY
    • Overview : The Hyper Dry Technology is Dougler’s high-tech quick absorbing and drying technology which maintains optimal body conditions by absorbing and drying sweat quickly which is excreted during the strenuous sports activity. The Hyper Dry Technology is an advanced quick absorbing and drying technology that the fiber structure maximizes the absorption rate and drying rate of sweat by enabling sweat and internal moisture on the skin surface and the fabric to be speedily absorbed to the fiber tube with the multi-channel middle hold structure. Dougler’s Hyper Dry Technology, the quick absorbing and drying technology, helps people maintain optimal physical conditions in extreme situations. Dougler’s Hyper Dry Technology implements the best function of the quick absorbing and drying sweat by absorbing and drying sweat approximately 4 times quicker than cotton.
  • Product Name : UV-ZERO TECH
    • Overview : Dougler’s ‘UV-Zero Tech’ is a technology to maximize the function of all materials including basic materials which protect themselves against UV rays by using the state-of-the- art UV new material that blocks ultraviolet A and B radiation from sunlight.
  • Product Name : TRIANGLE POINT
    • Overview : Triangle Point is a technology to maintain stability by applying geometric triangle structures like pyramid to face masks to disperse the main imprint to three directions which is generated when a face mask is worn. The dispersion provides the most comfortable wearable sensation and stability by fitting to head shape of the human body when the face mask is worn. Also, it keeps the mask from sliding down without extra earrings or an additional band during the strenuous sports activity. The triangle point is Dougler’s invisible technology power for professional sports people.
  • Product Name : ARC CIRCLE
    • Overview : The world-first Technology of cutting off vertical tension that occurs when wearing a mask-Dougler Arc Circle 'Arc Circle', which is one of Dougler Arctype's core technologies, cuts off the vertical tension that occurs when wearing a mask so that the physical phenomenon of mask being pulled down is innovatively minimized. Upper part of the rear vertical layer, where the largest force point for fixing the position is formed upon wearing a mask, is horizontally separated converting the vertical tension occurring upon wearing the mask into the horizontal tension so as to prevent a phenomenon of the mask's sliding down. At the same time, the sense of burden on the neck and facial muscle due to wearing a mask during physical activities is minimized, making innovative movements possible. With Arc Circle, it is possible to apply the wearing angle quite comprehensively, depending on wearer's head shape and bend angles, maintaining the optimal sense of wearing and fitting. Dougler Arc Circle is the world-first technology solely of Dougler for professional sportsmen challenging the extremes.
    • Overview : Extreme environments are responded with the variable layer technology that may be produced only through the manual work by skilled technicians. Dougler Arctype variable layer technology is a technology designed to realize the best functionality in conjunction with front T-zone of Dougler mask. Mask and the gradient of a human body are synchronized by applying to the rear face top-layer 7.5-degree of gradient, which is an ergonomic angle of the gradient for a rear head curve, and the phenomenon of mask's sliding down in the midst of fierce motions does not occur. Depending on his head shape and needed situation, the wearer can adjust the wearing angle so as to efficiently realize the fitting that naturally strikes a balance with the body. On the other hand, apart from the rear top-layer, the covering-layer, designed according to a moving direction of the neck muscle of the body and a gradient angle of forming structure of the cervical vertebrae, is designed to be devoted to a protective function the wearer's neck area from an external environment such as cold, ultraviolet or strong wind. The covering-layer, designed as per the gradient of the neck line forming a smooth curve, reflects a scrupulous design where a temperature loss due to fluttering by wind or forming unnecessary empty spaces is not allowed to occur while movement is not hampered.